Day 7: (Redding to Crescent City) Trees. Tallest trees.

Today we drove through Humboldt Redwoods State Park, home to the tallest trees in the world. Funny that just the day before yesterday we were just seeing the world’s largest trees. I got many more pictures of trees for yall, so I will put the good ones here. Most of them are of the scenery, but a few have the OCEAN in them. I know some of you might not find that exciting, but coming from south Texas, water in any amount larger than a small puddle that does not go away after an hour or so. By the way, if there seems to be a lack of good photos, I apologize. I was too into my book again.

DSC00341 DSC00401 DSC00417 DSC00418 DSC00428 DSC00442

Day 6: (Fresno to Redding) Mount Lassen National Park and the vacuum-packed Pringles

Today we drove through Mount Lassen National Park, and it was nerve-racking, yet breathtakingly beautiful. The drive up the mountain is a narrow road with not much room for error outside the road. This meant that you could see right down into the valley and watch the tiny ant-cars go around. We also found that if you take those tiny packs of Pringles up a couple thousand feet, apparently they turn into little balls of plastic and potato chips, that apparently burp at you when you open them. The drive through the forest was amazing, and I apologize for the lack of photos. I wrote this up the morning after the drive, and my mom had already put the cards on her computer. Meh. It was mainly photos of trees and stuff anyway.

Day 5 (Anaheim to Fresno): Sequoias (Really big trees) and really big mountains

Big trees. Today was basically us visiting Sequioa National Park, home to the biggest trees in the world. After a beautiful drive up, we did a short hike to General Sherman, which is the biggest tree in the world. After that, we walked through General Grant Grove, which is a collection of more of some of the largest trees. The drive back was amazing, but I was on the wrong side of the car to really get any good photos, and was tired already. So, have pictures of trees and mountains. I am sleeeeeepy.


DSC00148 DSC00144 DSC00138 DSC00134 DSC00129 DSC00123 DSC00121 DSC00118 DSC00116 DSC00111 DSC00109 DSC00100 DSC00096 DSC00095 DSC00086 DSC00084 DSC00075 DSC00065 DSC00061 DSC00057 DSC00056 DSC00054 DSC00043 DSC00031 DSC00009 DSC00005 DSC00003

Day 3-4: Disney and Meeting up with Family

So the day after last post, we went to Disneyland, and had a blast. First ride we went on was Haunted Mansion, because it seems to always be under repair or temporarily closed every time I visit. Finally getting to ride it again after 13 years was awesome, and they added some things as well. There is now a bride in the attic, and there is a coachman with a disappearing head right after. After we finished the Mansion, we then went to the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean. The ride is same as the last time, but Pirates does not really need anything added. It is amazing how well animated the animatronic are. After Pirates, we went on lots of rides, such as Jungle Cruise, which is always fun, as well as touring Fantasyland, hitting up Mr. Toad and Snow White. After that, we went on the new ride “Indiana Jones and the temple of the Forbidden Eye”. That is one of the most exhilarating rides I have been on. It is a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled ride, following a group of tourists who try their fortune in the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, a recent discovery by Indiana Jones. As you guess, something goes wrong, and the group is running though a trapped temple in a jeep with faulty brakes. I can’t really remember the order of what we did after that, but we went on Space Mountain, and watched “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln”, and rode the Matterhorn, and rode “It’s a Small World”, which in my opinion is required on every visit to Disney. We also rode the Rodger Rabbit ride, and went on Pirates and Indy again, and finished the day with Peter Pan.

The day after, we got to meet up with my uncle and cousins, and talk about stuff and toured the Discovery Science Center, which is HUGE. They have an area dedicated to just the human body, and another focused on different biomes, but the main attraction is the 2-story aquarium. This has so many different types of plant and fish life, including a HUGE fish that just sat and watched us. After that, we then went to dinner at a pizza place, which was great. We then closed the day swimming in the hotel pool. After that I went and got my laptop to write this. Tomorrow, we go back on the road, and I hopefully will get more stuff to write about.

Day 2: Deming to Anaheim

Day 2: HOT

Today was eventful in the fact that we went through a heatwave. It is currently 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Now that doesn’t seem too hot, until you realize it is 10:00 at night. At noon, it was 120 degrees outside, and not fun to be in for an extended period of time. We kept driving through New Mexico and a bit of Arizona, and ate lunch at Picacho State Park. Really pretty place, beautiful scenery. Only issue: It was really hot out. We still did a short hiking trail, and I even got some video on my camera. We pressed on through Arizona, and entered California. Apparently they don’t allow outside fruit into the state, due to them wanting to keep pests under control, but they did not search our van. Anyway, we continued on to Anaheim, and I was not really looking out of the windows much, as I have quite a good book to read. Tomorrow: Disney, Hopefully.

Videos of part of short hike: PICT0158 PICT0162

Other Breathtaking views from park: PICT0159 PICT0160 PICT0165 PICT0164 PICT0163                                                PICT0161

Day 1: Texas to Deming, New Mexico

Travel Blog post #1

Day 1: Texas to Deming, New Mexico

Day 1: Packing up and some interesting stuff.

Started the day early, leaving around 6, and not much happened on the road, except the occasional stop and such. The scenery was amazing, though. I got plenty of photos on my camera, which I will hopefully upload alongside this post. Anyway, pretty much it for the day. We got to Deming, New Mexico, and stayed in a Day Inn. Photos will make up for short post I hope.PICT0126PICT0112PICT0120PICT0132

Where I am from is FLAAAATTTT.

Earthworm Jim Part 2: I might be milking the cow jokes too much

Level 2 just continues the weirdness and adds more, as the level is set on the planet Heck, which is basically Hell, and is full of the expected sort of cannon fodder in that setting. You have fire traps, demonic ghost things, lawyers, fire-breathing snowmen-wait what? Yeah, the mid-level miniboss is a snowman. That is not only somehow surviving the heat of Hell, but can breathe fireballs?…. Ok. Anyway, the music is a mix of Night on Bald Mountain and the screams of the damned set to elevator music. The boss fight is interesting for two reasons, as you are taken out of your suit, and thus are helpless, as well as the master of Heck being a cat. Once you get your suit back, via a fun dodging section, you take on Evil the Cat. His attack is basically leap from the shadows and maul you, and you have to hit him mid-air. He has nine lives, of course, and once you beat him, Jim will fly off upon his jet-turbine-rocket-spaceworthybuthasnocockpit thingy. ON TO LEVEL 3: Down the Tubes.

Oh. This level. The level that I hate almost as much as level 6. This is set in an underwater complex consisting mainly of glass tubes and iron connectors. The majority of the enemies are cats, such as giant black-and-white ones that punch Jim so hard he flies into another room, and the small orange ones that slam him left and right then throw him backwards. The only enemies that are not cats are the boss, which we will cover later, and the pufferfish that float in air. The platforming bits of the level are actually quite fun, as they are very well made, but the main reason people hate this level is the “tube race” segment. This level is technically two, but as they are set in the same area, and are only split because hardware limitations, they are usually bunched together. The first half introduces a new gimmick of a submarine that is highly fragile, as it is literally a glass bubble with small jets at the bottom. As you would expect, the sub will break if you ram into obstacles, resulting in an insta-death. This would be fine on its own, except for the fact that you have a time limit. The first two submarine sections are fine, but the third one, the aforementioned “Tube Race”, is just pure hell. You know how I said that there was a time limit? Well, in the “Tube Race”, you have about .25-.5 seconds of leeway. And not only that, the maze is as cramped and claustrophobic as possible, so if you try and speed through it, you WILL die. Very fast. I still find difficulty in this level. Just the physics and steering are so wonky combined with the time limit and narrow passageways make this absolute frustration incarnate. And after you somehow manage to get through that, the boss fight comes up. After a level like that, you would expect something amazing for the boss fight. Something large, and tanky, and overall difficulty. Well, the boss of the level is (insert generic drumroll here): Bob, the killer goldfish. Not a giant goldfish or anything threatening, just an average-sized goldfish in a bowl. That you knock over just by walking near it. And knocking it over is “defeating” the boss. I need to go play something sane.

Obscure and Forgotten Games #2– Earthworm Jim 1–Part 1: Backstory + Level 1

Where do I even start with this game? Earthworm Jim is possibly one of the strangest, off the wall, peculiar, and just weird games I have played. Made by Shiny Entertainment and released in 1994 for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Earthworm Jim is a game following the adventures of Jim, an ordinary earthworm who was mutated by a super suit falling from space and just happening to land on top of him. The suit gave him super strength, and blah blah. Basically, he is now a superhero. Now, the reason the suit fell from space is that a bounty hunter, Psycrow, was delivering it to the Evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt, who in turn was going to use it to conquer the galaxy, and defeat her sister Princess What’s-her-name (actual name, reason for it is because in their culture, extreme beauty is the opposite of what we perceive. So to us, Princess What’s-her-name is amazingly beautiful and attractive, but to them she is horrifically ugly and locked away in a tower away from everyone, and she was never given a proper name.). Jim saw an image of What’s-her-name, and immediately fell in love. He decided to go rescue her with his new found abilities, and thus the game begins. After putting the game into the console of your choice, the game will begin. The first level is New Junk City, which apparently is where Jim originates. This level, as you might infer, is set in some kind of city-sized junkyard. If the whole backstory didn’t make you realize just how strange and weird this game is, within 15-30 seconds of starting the level you launch an interstellar cow missile. That reappears in later levels flying through the background. Anyway, the level is all garbage-themed, and the boss is a crane operator  named Chuck, who when you bounce a crate into him, will start vomiting fish at you while using his crane to try and drop Tubas and Trombones onto your head. Anyway, you  finish the level and next post will cover level 2: What the Heck?


Awesome old game talk #1- RESCUE: The Embassy Mission (NES)

So this is gonna be a recurring series (hopefully) where I discuss old and obscure games that nobody seems to know or talk about. Today, I would like to discuss RESCUE: The Embassy Mission. Released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Rescue is about a team of counter-terrorists trying to rescue hostages that are being held in an embassy. You play as the counter-terrorists in three different chapters: Placing your snipers, taking out visible hostiles, and finally clearing the building. When you start up the game, you see a simple intro cinematic of terrorists entering the embassy, and a short while later a police van arrives. You select your game and difficulty, and enter the first section, placing the snipers.This is possibly one of my favorite modes, due to how well put together it is. The whole point of this section is being sneaky, as there are terrorists trying to shoot you down, so you have to be thinking and moving really fast. The music really aids in building the right atmosphere, as it is just that perfect amount of tense to allow you to really get into the game. It also changes due to whats happening. You waiting in cover for the perfect moment? It gets really quiet and basic, just to come  back in full force as soon as you start moving again. The way the characters move, the way the controls are so fluid, and the music make this just perfect. When you get past that section, you see a police helicopter drop off some more people onto the roof. This is where the second phase starts. Now you utilize the snipers you just placed to clear some of the window rooms in the embassy to allow the new units to rappel down and enter. This section is really short, and not even necessary, but is still a well made one. Finally, we get on to the main action: clearing the embassy! This is put into a pseudo first-person perspective that switches to an over-the-shoulder camera when you are in a room. This phase is really difficult on the harder difficulties as the minimap you are given does not tell you where the terrorists and hostages are. I like this part as well due to the fact that it handles just as you would expect. So you clear the embassy and rescue the hostages, and you get your results in the form of a newspaper. You can either get a “good” ending or a “perfect” ending. The “good” ending is one where all the hostages are saved, but some of the team got killed, or where the team is perfectly OK, but a hostage got caught in the crossfire and was injured, or a combination of the two. A “perfect” ending is one where none of the team was injured, and the hostages are all intact. Overall, this game is rather short, but is nevertheless a great game to add to your NES library.