Day 3-4: Disney and Meeting up with Family

So the day after last post, we went to Disneyland, and had a blast. First ride we went on was Haunted Mansion, because it seems to always be under repair or temporarily closed every time I visit. Finally getting to ride it again after 13 years was awesome, and they added some things as well. There is now a bride in the attic, and there is a coachman with a disappearing head right after. After we finished the Mansion, we then went to the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean. The ride is same as the last time, but Pirates does not really need anything added. It is amazing how well animated the animatronic are. After Pirates, we went on lots of rides, such as Jungle Cruise, which is always fun, as well as touring Fantasyland, hitting up Mr. Toad and Snow White. After that, we went on the new ride “Indiana Jones and the temple of the Forbidden Eye”. That is one of the most exhilarating rides I have been on. It is a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled ride, following a group of tourists who try their fortune in the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, a recent discovery by Indiana Jones. As you guess, something goes wrong, and the group is running though a trapped temple in a jeep with faulty brakes. I can’t really remember the order of what we did after that, but we went on Space Mountain, and watched “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln”, and rode the Matterhorn, and rode “It’s a Small World”, which in my opinion is required on every visit to Disney. We also rode the Rodger Rabbit ride, and went on Pirates and Indy again, and finished the day with Peter Pan.

The day after, we got to meet up with my uncle and cousins, and talk about stuff and toured the Discovery Science Center, which is HUGE. They have an area dedicated to just the human body, and another focused on different biomes, but the main attraction is the 2-story aquarium. This has so many different types of plant and fish life, including a HUGE fish that just sat and watched us. After that, we then went to dinner at a pizza place, which was great. We then closed the day swimming in the hotel pool. After that I went and got my laptop to write this. Tomorrow, we go back on the road, and I hopefully will get more stuff to write about.

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