Day 7: (Redding to Crescent City) Trees. Tallest trees.

Today we drove through Humboldt Redwoods State Park, home to the tallest trees in the world. Funny that just the day before yesterday¬†we were just seeing the world’s largest trees. I got many more pictures of trees for yall, so I will put the good ones here. Most of them are of the scenery, but a few have the OCEAN in them. I know some of you might not find that exciting, but coming from south Texas, water in any amount larger than a small puddle that does not go away after an hour or so. By the way, if there seems to be a lack of good photos, I apologize. I was too into my book again.

DSC00341 DSC00401 DSC00417 DSC00418 DSC00428 DSC00442

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