Day 2: Deming to Anaheim

Day 2: HOT

Today was eventful in the fact that we went through a heatwave. It is currently 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Now that doesn’t seem too hot, until you realize it is 10:00 at night. At noon, it was 120 degrees outside, and not fun to be in for an extended period of time. We kept driving through New Mexico and a bit of Arizona, and ate lunch at Picacho State Park. Really pretty place, beautiful scenery. Only issue: It was really hot out. We still did a short hiking trail, and I even got some video on my camera. We pressed on through Arizona, and entered California. Apparently they don’t allow outside fruit into the state, due to them wanting to keep pests under control, but they did not search our van. Anyway, we continued on to Anaheim, and I was not really looking out of the windows much, as I have quite a good book to read. Tomorrow: Disney, Hopefully.

Videos of part of short hike: PICT0158 PICT0162

Other Breathtaking views from park: PICT0159 PICT0160 PICT0165 PICT0164 PICT0163                                                PICT0161

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