DooM Mod review- Strange Aeons

That which is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons, even death may die

Strange Aeons is a mod for doom which puts you in the place of the Traveler, a Miskatonic University researcher who has recently lost his son David in a strange accident. To cope with his loss, the Traveler takes solace in his work, dedicating all his time to the translating of the Kadath Tablets, arcane relics which appear to have a connection to the mysterious “Dreamlands”. One day, while working, he gets a vision of his son alive in a utopian world. This pushes him to embark on a dream quest, traveling across the cosmos in an attempt to be with his son. The mod has 5 episodes, the last one being a spin off of sorts, where he must stop his nephew Daniel from being used by cultists to awaken Cthulhu. The first chapter, The Shattered City, takes the Traveler through ruins of a once-great civilization now dominated by warlike creatures. The overall setting of this chapter is as you would expect, mostly broken down buildings and ruins. Also, the ground is floating. In little islands. This helps create this atmosphere of it just feeling… wrong. This mod is not a horror mod in the traditional sense, but it creates this uneasy atmosphere that makes it do perfectly as an homage to the source material. The second chapter, The Stagnant Fortress, is a foreboding monument to technology. The place is heavily industrialized, with conveyor belts and gears and waste materials all over the place. The long, dark hallways of the fortress create this overall sense of being completely, utterly, and helplessly alone. The third chapter, The Land that time Forgot, is a prehistoric world which has a vaguely Egyptian-Aztec theme to it. This third chapter has a similar feel to the first, except this part has a lot of just mind-bending level design. You go down a hallway that loops back but somehow enters into a completely different area. You head back through a level and try to get to a door you used to enter the place and suddenly its not there anymore. The fourth chapter, The Plateau of Leng, is a cold, barren wasteland on the Moon. The population of which is giant spiders and the Men of Leng. Now the fifth chapter, Out of the Aeons, takes place in the Underworld, a dark place with most of the light coming from small holes in the surface world above.

The mod does add some new weaponry, such as the AK-47, which replaces the Chaingun and has a drastically higher rate of fire but otherwise is identical in terms of damage, and the Scepter of Souls, which replaces your pistol and acts like a slightly longer range chainsaw that also requires no ammo. There is also a final, secret weapon, but I will leave that one to be found by you guys.

All in all, go play this mod right. now. Its an amazing experience, and I find myself revisiting it regularly. A word of warning, it can be a bit harsh, but I was playing it on Ultra-Violence, so it might just be because I was playing on a harder difficulty. So now you’re done reading this, go play it already!