Earthworm Jim Part 2: I might be milking the cow jokes too much

Level 2 just continues the weirdness and adds more, as the level is set on the planet Heck, which is basically Hell, and is full of the expected sort of cannon fodder in that setting. You have fire traps, demonic ghost things, lawyers, fire-breathing snowmen-wait what? Yeah, the mid-level miniboss is a snowman. That is not only somehow surviving the heat of Hell, but can breathe fireballs?…. Ok. Anyway, the music is a mix of Night on Bald Mountain and the screams of the damned set to elevator music. The boss fight is interesting for two reasons, as you are taken out of your suit, and thus are helpless, as well as the master of Heck being a cat. Once you get your suit back, via a fun dodging section, you take on Evil the Cat. His attack is basically leap from the shadows and maul you, and you have to hit him mid-air. He has nine lives, of course, and once you beat him, Jim will fly off upon his jet-turbine-rocket-spaceworthybuthasnocockpit thingy. ON TO LEVEL 3: Down the Tubes.

Oh. This level. The level that I hate almost as much as level 6. This is set in an underwater complex consisting mainly of glass tubes and iron connectors. The majority of the enemies are cats, such as giant black-and-white ones that punch Jim so hard he flies into another room, and the small orange ones that slam him left and right then throw him backwards. The only enemies that are not cats are the boss, which we will cover later, and the pufferfish that float in air. The platforming bits of the level are actually quite fun, as they are very well made, but the main reason people hate this level is the “tube race” segment. This level is technically two, but as they are set in the same area, and are only split because hardware limitations, they are usually bunched together. The first half introduces a new gimmick of a submarine that is highly fragile, as it is literally a glass bubble with small jets at the bottom. As you would expect, the sub will break if you ram into obstacles, resulting in an insta-death. This would be fine on its own, except for the fact that you have a time limit. The first two submarine sections are fine, but the third one, the aforementioned “Tube Race”, is just pure hell. You know how I said that there was a time limit? Well, in the “Tube Race”, you have about .25-.5 seconds of leeway. And not only that, the maze is as cramped and claustrophobic as possible, so if you try and speed through it, you WILL die. Very fast. I still find difficulty in this level. Just the physics and steering are so wonky combined with the time limit and narrow passageways make this absolute frustration incarnate. And after you somehow manage to get through that, the boss fight comes up. After a level like that, you would expect something amazing for the boss fight. Something large, and tanky, and overall difficulty. Well, the boss of the level is (insert generic drumroll here): Bob, the killer goldfish. Not a giant goldfish or anything threatening, just an average-sized goldfish in a bowl. That you knock over just by walking near it. And knocking it over is “defeating” the boss. I need to go play something sane.