Mann Vs Machine post 1

So a few days ago, I was playing the cooperative side of Team Fortress 2, Mann Vs Machine. It is based around a team of 6 people against an army of robots hell-bent on your destruction. However, you get upgrades to aid in tilting the scenario in your favor. These are bought from the upgrade station and vary from being completely necessary (Medic’s Projectile shield) to kinda useless (Jump height increase). The other thing about this is that it is difficult. The first few campaigns such as Oil Spill and Steel Trap are relatively easy compared to Mecha Engie, Two Cities, and Gear Grinder (which is the only one of them I have not finished yet). So anyway, I was playing Mecha Engie, and our team was not really doing well, and someone ragequit. So another person joined, and started telling everyone what to do. He was very rude about this. He told me that Medic is a crutch, and that I was the selfish one because I chose to play Medic. His main argument was that” it was not ME Fortress 2, it was TEAM Fortress 2″, all the while calling me names that I will not list here. I countered the argument that in fact, Medic was important for Mann Vs Machine, which in most missions is true, ESPECIALLY Two Cities. He then proceeded to avoid me, so I could not heal him, and refused all the revives I tried to do on him, and lost the round. Remember how he said that it was not ME Fortress, but TEAM Fortress?  I did, and pointed out that if he wanted to win, he should be more of a team player. At that, he got really mad and started talking about how he did Gear Grinder as Spy, and that is why I should listen to him blindly, because that makes him an expert at MVM. I then pointed out that I would have done that if we were playing Gear Grinder, not Mecha Engie. He then called a votekick on me, which failed because all the other people on the team were sick of him, and he just got quiet. After about 3 minutes, he politely asked me to go Heavy, and because he was polite, I did. And we still failed. And then he left.