Super Noah’s Ark 3D thoughts

Super Noah’s Ark 3-D was a game for the Super Nintendo developed by Wisdom Tree, a Christian game company known for making unlicensed games for Nintendo Consoles. The game follows the biblical Noah, going through his ark “feeding” animals with a slingshot until they “fall asleep”. The game is an FPS. Starring NOAH. SHOOTING ANIMALS. How much better can it get? Well, its on the Wolf3d engine, so no problems there. and the graphics, silly as they may be, are actually well made. So I give it 10/10 Commandments. 2 copies of this game should be given to everyone.

DooM Mod Review #1- BRUTAL DooM

Brutal DooM is a mod for the original DooM that adds plenty of new features that really help to revive the game. It was made by a team of people led by SGTMarkIV, and is one of the best mods I have played. It adds several new weapons, new mechanics, and changes to monster ai to make them act more realistically. Some other changes were turning the pistol into an assault rifle, which is a brilliant idea as in the original game, the pistol was a useless weapon past the first level of the episode. It also adds several “fatality” moves to the fists when under the influence of a berserk pack, which regain a small amount of health when you dispatch an enemy in this fashion. Probably the most obvious change is the level of gore. Instead of small spatters of blood appearing when you shoot someone, you get gallons of the red stuff going EVERYWHERE when you go into their faces with the shotgun. This aids in making this mod one of the most satisfying things to play. Some things that I did not like were the fact that some monsters are now overly powerful due to the ai changes. Also some slowdown can occur in the game if you turn up the gore levels too much, but that is not as much of an issue with the mod as it is an issue with the DooM engine, as well have some more variations of monsters added. But all the good things in the mod outweigh those small complaints. Overall, Brutal DooM is a great mod that any fan of classic DooM should have played at least once.